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State And Federal Offices Clashing On Colorado Medical Marijuana Law

Staff CMM - Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Conflicts between state and federal offices have been spurred on by the recent distribution of letters from the U.S. Attorney’s office to medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado demanding that all dispensaries closer than 1,000 feet of school properties must be closed within 45 days or face prosecution. Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett has sent the U.S. District Attorney John Walsh a letter this month urging him to back away from enforcement issues against Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries, although the specific reasoning for the letter was not disclosed. Walsh responded by stating that enforcing federal laws to protect children from drug abuse is a core responsibility for his office and will remain so, as enforcing federal laws against selling marijuana near schools is a legitimate use of his office’s resources.  Although Colorado law allows limited usage of marijuana for various medical reasons, marijuana is still considered an illegal drug under federal laws.

California To Follow Colorado Example When It Comes To Medical Marijuana Registration

Staff CMM - Friday, April 20, 2012
When it comes to sheer size, California beats out most other states, especially with regard to population. And yet, when it comes to recorded medical marijuana users, California has shown fewer patients than Colorado, Arizona, Hawaii, Michigan and Montana. Up until now, California has not required residents to register as medical marijuana patients. This has made it nearly impossible for law officials to determine when a person is cleared for marijuana use for medical reasons or just purchasing the drug off the street. Keeping this in mind, California is now experiencing a federal crackdown of their own on the medical marijuana industry in general in the state and a Democratic State lawmaker has introduced a legislation which, if passed, will greatly assist authorities in getting a clearer picture of the medical marijuana industry’s consumer base. This bill will require any patient seeking medical marijuana to apply for a county-issued identification card. They will also be required to register with the state. Users will also be required to state whether they plan to grown their own marijuana or purchase it from a 3rd party and if so, they will be required to name the 3rd party. By instituting this law, officials are hoping to make it easier for law enforcement agents to determine whether someone is in possession of marijuana illegally or for medical use.

25 More Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Closed By Feds

Staff CMM - Tuesday, April 17, 2012

As the rules and regulations regarding medical marijuana in Colorado are tweaked and refined, one very clear detail in Colorado state law stands out. It states that dispensaries in the state are not allowed to be located less than 1,000 feet from any school in the state. However, some shops have been allowed to remain open if local governments allow the shops to be closer to school buildings. As the federal government takes a closer look at these regulations, things are beginning to change. As part of an overall crackdown on drugs, the federal government is stepping in and tightening their grip on medical marijuana laws across the country. John Walsh, A U.S. Attorney located in Colorado, sent word last month to 22 medical marijuana dispensaries in the state to either move or be closed with it was determined they were located too close to school properties. This month, Walsh handed out 25 more warnings to medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado to close because they are located too close to school properties. All dispensaries who received these warnings have been given 45 days to close or they will be faced with federal prosecution.

Medical Marijuana A Crime When On Probation

Staff CMM - Saturday, April 14, 2012

According to the Colorado Court of Appeals, the use of medical marijuana by a patient who is on probation for another crime is considered a violation of probation. Although Colorado State law allows users of medical marijuana in Colorado to use the drug for various medical ailments, medical marijuana is still considered a crime according to federal law and the state constitution cannot exempt patients on probation from complying with federal law. Any person caught with any amount of marijuana in their system, regardless of whether it is for medical use or not, can and will still be considered in violation of their probation. Medical marijuana patients in Colorado would be wise to curb any usage if they find themselves on probation in order to prevent further prosecution by the law. Unless and until medical marijuana is accepted by federal law as legal, medical marijuana users will have to exercise caution.  Use of any controlled substance – however miniscule, can still lead to impairment, according to law officials who are working to keep drivers safe on the road, and penalties will still apply.

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