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Access To Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry Difficult, But Not Impossible

Todd Davis - Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The biggest barrier to gaining access to the Colorado medical marijuana registry is most likely to be cost. Because there are no general funds allotted to the program, users are required to pay around $100 in fees to be a registered user. Also, all applications, renewals and requests for change must be submitted as a hard papery copy via mail, with changes made in blue ink and must include a copy of the patient’s Colorado identification.

Not all applications will be accepted, however. Recently, four applications were denied due to lack of scientific evidence that medical marijuana usage provided any beneficial effect. Among those rejected were cases of Parkinson’s Disease, Asthma, Anxiety and Bi-Polar Disorder. Although acceptance is carefully screened, Colorado has currently used over 6,700 registry ID cards. The renewal rate is 56 percent.

Proposed Changes To Colorado Medical Marijuana Bill Still Under Review

Todd Davis - Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Citizens who would like to submit in writing any comments on the proposed changes to the Colorado medical marijuana registry program are strongly encouraged to do so before May 15, 2009 in order to have those comments reviewed before the hearing date of June 20, 2009. Anyone who has previously submitted a comment is asked not to resubmit.

All comments that have been submitted since February 10, 2009 will be included in the review and any oral testimony will be kept to five minutes or less depending on the number of people planning to testify. New comment submissions can be sent by e-mail to by May 15, 2009.

Celebrities Jump On Marijuana Bandwagon

Todd Davis - Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If celebrities in the U.S. get their way, Colorado medical marijuana growers could possibly see a boost in sales. Pushing for marijuana legalization is Mexican singer and guitar player Carlos Santana, who stated that legalization of the drug would offer more opportunities for the country to divert funds currently used to prevent marijuana use to more needy programs such as teachers and education. During a recent online town hall meeting, President Obama said he did not think the legalization of marijuana was good economic policy. Celebrities such as Santana continue to advocate for the drug’s legalization in the country.

Access to Medical Marijuana in Colorado Still Difficult

Todd Davis - Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The use of medical marijuana in Colorado, while legal, still poses problems for people who have been recommended by doctors to use the drug to manage pain caused by accidents or long-term illnesses such as cancer or AIDS. Access to the drug remains difficult, since most users reside on the western slope and travel to dispensaries on the Front Range is hard for some who are too sick to travel or grow their own.

In 2000, Colorado voters passed an amendment to allow patients who were recommended by a doctor to possess less than two ounces or grow up to six plants to help with the management of pain. Although doctors are allowed to recommend patients to the State Health Department, they are not able to prescribe medical marijuana in Colorado. With over 5,000 registered medical marijuana users in the state, getting from the recommendation to the actual product has been a difficult process.

Boulder Celebrates International Cannabis Day

Todd Davis - Saturday, August 08, 2009

A crowd of approximately 10,000 people gathered recently at the University of Colorado to celebrate the use of both Boulder medical marijuana and the overall use of marijuana. As more states are beginning to legalize medical marijuana, Colorado and other states are beginning to see more and more rallies to support overall legalization of the drug.

The Boulder rally, knows as International Cannabis Day, was also celebrated in Civic Center Park in Denver with approximately 3,000 people gathering together to show support. Police were stationed at the events to ensure public safety, but no arrests were made. The holiday has gained attention over the last several years as issues of medical marijuana use have been put more and more in the spotlight.

President Obama Fields Marijuana Legalization Questions

Todd Davis - Saturday, August 08, 2009

Although medical marijuana in Colorado and some other states has been legalized, basic marijuana use across the country continues to remain illegal. At a recent online town hall meeting held at the White House, President Obama responded to questions regarding the overall legalization of marijuana.

President Obama’s reply, while jovial, was that legalization of the drug was not a good economic strategy would probably not be useful in turning the economy around. Marijuana legalization was a very small portion of the overall discussion which included universal healthcare, mortgages, education, the auto industry and veteran’s care. The President hopes to hold more of these online town hall type discussions in the future.

New Administration Brings Glimmer of Hope For Medical Marijuana Growers

Todd Davis - Saturday, August 08, 2009

Although Colorado medical marijuana laws may eventually fall under the same scrutiny as other states across the nation, for the time being medical marijuana dispensaries remain safe from the prospect of raids by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

As directed by Attorney General Eric Holder, federal agents will concentrate their efforts mainly on distributors who violate both state and federal laws. Medical marijuana growers adhering to state laws will not be a priority of the new administration. This is a step away from the policies of the old Presidential administration which tended to target all medical marijuana growers.

Medical Marijuana in Colorado Still a Subject of Controversy

Todd Davis - Saturday, August 08, 2009

Although a voter-approved amendment to the state constitution has deemed medical marijuana in Colorado legal, conflicts still arise. The City of Ft. Collins refused to pay a couple’s claim for over $200,000 after plants that were seized in a raid were left to rot and die.

The confiscated plants were returned to the couple over a year later when a judge ruled that the couple qualified as Colorado medical marijuana growers. The claim was later filed by the couple who stated the plants were dry, dead and moldy, but the Police claim they were not required to keep them alive because the couple did not have the proper permits. According to the couple’s attorney a civil suit will probably be filed in state court in an attempt to force the city to pay for the damages.

Medical Marijuana Use Bodes Ill for Prom Night

Todd Davis - Saturday, August 08, 2009

Medical marijuana in Colorado has found another roadblock. A young Brighton High School student and her boyfriend, who is not a Brighton High School student, were denied access into the Wings Over The Rockies Museum in Denver, where Brighton High’s prom was being held.

According to police officers on duty, there was a prominent marijuana smell present, although searching provided no results. Jason Schweinsberg, who was attending the prom with Brighton High student Sarah Heideman, states he is registered as a Colorado medical marijuana user to manage long-term pain caused by a car crash, but had not used the marijuana since early that morning. Although marijuana use in Colorado is illegal, medical marijuana use is legal for registered users.

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