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A Patient’s Perspective

Todd Davis - Sunday, January 17, 2010

As the controversy rages on about the legitimacy of Colorado medicinal marijuana, there is a significant demographic supporting the product; the patient. Opponents to Denver medical marijuana and Colorado marijuana dispensaries claim that the medical benefits are a sham used as a smoke screen to simply legalize a narcotic. A true patient would disagree. In an interview with a serious patient, some genuine medical benefits were unveiled. This patient, a male in his mid 40’s, was involved in a traffic accident; both his legs were mangled in the wreck. To him, Denver medical marijuana has provided him with an alternate pain killer. He also explained that the euphoric properties help with bouts of depression revolving around the pain and make his life experience more enjoyable in general. He complained that other prescribed pain killers were more addictive, less effective, and more expensive. To him, and thousands of similar patients, Colorado medicinal marijuana doctors have helped them find a new avenue for pain relief never before available. After listening to his story, one cannot help but realize the potential legitimacy of medicinal marijuana in Colorado.    

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