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Breeding and the Emergence of Sinsemilla

Todd Davis - Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Medical marijuana in Colorado is a current hot topic. Arguments are made revolving mostly the legal and moral intricacies of the blooming medicinal marijuana industry. Lost in the raging debate is the precise and intricate science behind cannabis. For decades, breeders and growers have been perfecting the science of marijuana growing, thus providing the patient and connoisseur quality product. Those who are old enough to remember slang from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s may recall terms such as “Acapulco Gold” and “Colombian Wacky”. These terms obviously referenced the breeding ground for a specific plant. Commonly, however, most plants were contaminated by seeds, providing a lower quality product. Then came the term “Sensemilla”, which commonly meant quality, but many do not know the true meaning behind the term. Sensemilla is Spanish for “seedless”. Modern product is commonly seedless, lush, and full, thanks to early pioneers of marijuana breeding. In order to understand the common form of cannabis (and subsequently medical marijuana), one must first understand the history and science behind the plant. Breeding history is just the first step in realizing the nature and science involved in medical marijuana. Stay tuned as cannabis breeding has a long history of scientific breeding culminating in a wide variety of product.

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