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Colorado Medical Marijuana Becoming Popular Illegal Commodity In Other States

Staff CMM - Tuesday, September 04, 2012
The Colorado medical marijuana industry has experienced such a boom during the last few years that many dispensaries, patients and caregivers are finding themselves with a surplus of marijuana. This surplus has admittedly been a problem according to Colorado Drug Enforcement officials. Maintaining a handle on this surplus can prove to be a daunting task. Much of this surplus – in fact, most of it, is never reported and a great deal of it is now finding its way out of Colorado and into other states as the sources of this surplus seek to gain a profit from it. Law officials are finding themselves overwhelmed with arrests that result in illegal marijuana and sometimes other illegal drugs and weapons as well. While law officials are hard pressed to keep a handhold on an industry they believe is running rampant, industry supporters still maintain the validity, claiming medical marijuana to be one of the most highly regulated industries in the state.
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