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Flavor is Key to Quality Breed

Todd Davis - Monday, March 15, 2010

Colorado medical marijuana is becoming an institution in itself. On one side, there is the undying controversy involving moral, ethical, and medical arguments. Another point of view maintains the business opportunity and potential revenue streams in marijuana growth and marijuana dispensaries. One major component remains: none of this would even be possible without a large demographic willing to spend on the product. In an interview with several patients, one theme was prevalent: a medical marijuana product is far more desirable given the flavor and other olfactory properties. One common property highly recommended by the connoisseur is purple hairs within the bud. One patient aptly describes such breeds to have a “light, fruity, purple flavor”. Other breeds, some called “diesel” have distinct heavy, dank, and sappy flavors. The current patient (and thereby consumer) prefers quality breeding subsequent with precise flavor properties above nearly every other property. Consequently, some flavors are more common to certain breeds: sativa plants will be likely to have lighter, fruity flavors, while indica plants may contain heavier flavors. Medical marijuana has already come a long way in a short time. Cannabis quality and flavor will continue to be in the highest interest to both marijuana growers and consumers alike.

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