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New Study Shows IQ Decline in Marijuana Users

Staff CMM - Wednesday, October 03, 2012
As the Colorado medical marijuana debate gains strength, some are turning to research performed in other areas to back their opinion. A study performed in New Zealand posted results recently that showed people who became dependent on marijuana before the age of 18 showed an average IQ decline of eight points by the age of 38. One thousand people were involved in the study, which tested participants at the age of 13, before any significant use and again at the age of 38. The study indicated that those who became dependent on marijuana by the age of 18 showed a decline in IQ, whereas those who became dependent later in their adult life did not show as much decline. It is theorized that the drug has a much greater effect on the brain that is still in the growth stage. The study also showed that quitting the drug did not correct the problem. One researcher stated that the main lesson he sees in this is that for health reasons, it is better to avoid the drug entirely.
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