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Peace Pipe

Todd Davis - Monday, June 21, 2010

So much anger, volatility and controversy directed towards a simple and innocent entity. Illegality is a function of society, not morality (though the two are often intertwined). Somehow, opponents of Cannabis in Colorado believe that public acceptance of the herb is a sign of the degradation of society that will lead to crime, lawlessness and uncontrollable drug addiction. Arguably, one of the most peaceful societies in existence used marijuana regularly: Native Americans. American Indians were known for their acceptance of natural drugs and used them for both ceremony and enlightenment. Ironic that their culture was over taken by overzealous puritans. This is not to say that Native Americans were bereft of conflict; intra tribal fights were common. However, this culture was more in tune with nature and their surrounding environment. Modern society seems perfectly willing to trade in intuitiveness for the latest smart phone. Modern society is completely addicted to the internet and technology at large. One could argue that technology is responsible for many crimes and deaths. For example, texting while driving is practically an epidemic. Social networking has taken place of communication. Perhaps the decadence of society is uglier than the legalization of a naturally perennial plant. Perhaps those on their soapbox waxing the dangers of marijuana should take into consideration the accepted dangers of modern society and technology. Perhaps we, as a society, should step back and listen to nature instead of cultivating propaganda.

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