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Poor Colorado Medical Marijuana Advertising Could Lead To Outright Ban

Staff CMM - Friday, July 20, 2012
When it comes to medical marijuana, Denver people are usually familiar with the billboards, banners and sign twirlers around the city promoting half-priced joints, cheap ounces and various edible products at a number of dispensaries and most people are also aware that many of these ads are targeting the type of crowd that has become stereotypical of marijuana use – the ‘stoners,’ rather than targeting the medical patients. Ads using words such as ‘kush’ and ‘420’ and promoting rock bottom prices and freebies have become the norm. Ads targeted toward the medical side of marijuana in Colorado are virtually non-existent and this has raised many issues and questions in the community about whether medical marijuana ads should be banned altogether. Many feel the marijuana ads do not promote its medical uses, but rather targets the ‘stoner’ community. If medical marijuana ads are banned because of a poor choice of advertising tactics, the medical marijuana community will have to rethink its marketing strategies entirely and perhaps turn their focus toward the internet community instead.
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