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Setbacks Curb Recent Progress

Todd Davis - Saturday, January 30, 2010

As the debate over the legitimacy of medicinal marijuana in Colorado rages on, it really comes down to one simple notion: attitude. One side of the argument contends that Colorado marijuana should remain illegal because their attitude about the product remains negative; it is a dangerous narcotic, it has been illegal for a reason, etc. Others have seen the positives in Colorado medicinal marijuana; it is an excellent pain reliever, it can be a great source of revenue. In the end, it will come down to what attitude wins out. One Colorado marijuana dispensary laboratory has felt the wrath of the opposing view as they were raided by DEA agents this week and forced to hand over records and thousands of dollars in product. The agency, so far, has given no comment only stating that the investigation is ongoing. Another medicinal marijuana dispensary in L.A. was ordered to close its doors by a county superior judge. Unfortunately, the vague nature of current law helps enable both sides of the battle. Episodes such as these, however, simply perpetuate negative attitudes among the public, especially among “swing voters”. Slowly, medicinal marijuana in Colorado is gaining progress in the public eye; dispensaries are still flourishing and little backlash in the form of public protest has been reported. Hopefully, as Colorado medicinal marijuana laws solidify and attitudes change, medical marijuana in Colorado will be allowed to flourish as originally intended.

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