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Understanding Medical Marijuana Strains

Staff CMM - Tuesday, May 08, 2012
For those patients who are new to the medical marijuana arena, getting a better understanding of marijuana strains can be a big help. Basically, there are two types of strains; the cannabis Sativa strains, which tend to present a lighter feeling and the cannabis Indica strains, which tends to offer a heavier, more stoned feeling. Depending on the patient’s medical needs, experimenting with the strains until one is found that will offer relief from symptoms may be the way to go. The Sativa strains tend to be of a taller variety, while the Indica strains are shorter and more compact. Both strains offer a very wide variety of hybrids to choose from and evaluating the various strains can help the patient find the appropriate medical marijuana to cope with their chronic condition. Patients should seek the professional opinion of someone at a medical marijuana dispensary to help them sort through the various strains and hybrids for a better understanding of what is available.
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