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Is Big Money Trying To Buy Marijuana Legalization In Colorado?

Staff CMM - Friday, October 19, 2012
As the November vote for Amendment 64, the bill proposing legalization of marijuana in the state of Colorado, draws near, pro marijuana legalization donors are stepping forward and pouring millions of dollars into support campaigns. Advocates associated with billionaire donors George Soros and Peter Lewis are directing funds toward support of Amendment 64 in Colorado, reportedly raising as much as $1.1 million as of September 12th. Much of that total -- $876,000 reportedly came from Lewis. Another $90,000 came from the Drug Policy Action, which raises the question as to whether these large money supporters will be able to sway votes in favor of the Amendment. Without the large money backing, the question arises whether the bill would be able to stand on its own or fail.

Colorado Marijuana Growing Operations Pose Health Risk

Staff CMM - Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Law enforcement officials who are involved in busting illegal marijuana growing operations in Colorado are in danger of being exposed to toxic levels of mold as well as other chemicals and carbon monoxide poisoning, health officials reported recently. A study performed by a National Jewish Health researcher recently reviewed conditions from 30 marijuana growing operations in Denver, Larimer and Littleton counties. Their findings showed mold levels at least 100 times higher than safe levels and in a few cases, higher readings than equipment was able to register. Illegal marijuana growing operations in Colorado such as these tend to thrive in poorly ventilated conditions, oftentimes with carpeted rooms which collect and retain the moisture – a prime mold growing atmosphere. Officials warn that children and those who suffer from respiratory ailments are more susceptible to toxic mold exposure and other diseases if these conditions are not corrected.

Colorado Marijuana Law Takes Center Stage

Staff CMM - Wednesday, October 10, 2012
November is rapidly approaching and when it arrives, voters will be making a choice about amending the law in Colorado regarding marijuana and its legality. Amendment 64 has been a hot topic of discussion amongst both sides and now it will be up to Colorado citizens to decide its fate. Amendment 64 is a bill proposing to make possession of limited amounts of marijuana legal to adults in the state. Those for the bill feel by legalizing the drug, the state will benefit from taxes collected and will still be able to regulate it at the same time. Supporters feel this will open new avenues for the economy and reduce illegal black market activity. Those who are against the bill feel that the legalization of marijuana will lead to heavier teen drug abuse. Those opposing the bill also feel that illegal drug trafficking will not stop with legalization in the state and are concerned about the negative overtones legalizing the drug could have on the state’s reputation.

Amendment 64 Gets Backing on Colorado Marijuana Possession Limits

Staff CMM - Friday, September 07, 2012
As Colorado medical marijuana issues pick up speed, it is no surprise to witness a growing interest in making the drug itself legal. Amendment 64 is an initiative seeking to legalize limited amounts of the drug for adults. The Amendment has recently been endorsed by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) who are expressing a concern over what they consider to be a lopsided number of arrests of African-Americans for marijuana possession in the state. The NAACP feels that by ending the prohibition of marijuana in the state for adult use, the mass incarceration against colored people may change. However, FBI records indicate that in 2010, African-Americans accounted for only 9% of all arrests for marijuana possession and only 22% of arrests for marijuana sales or cultivation. Adams County District Attorney Don Quick opposes the initiative, stating that legalizing the substance is not the answer. Quick feels making the drug more available to the community will result in a trickle-down effect to kids and result in lower graduation rates and more discipline problems.

Changes in Colorado Medical Marijuana Industry Both A Positive And A Negative

Staff CMM - Friday, August 24, 2012
On July 1st of this year, Colorado lifted its two-year moratorium on new dispensaries, allowing for new dispensaries to come into the Colorado market. This move is going to be highly beneficial to the financial end as it will offer new opportunities for businesses in the medical marijuana industry. For smaller business, this may prove to be a fatal blow as the competition may force them out of the market. Many still believe this move will ultimately benefit the industry as a whole, however. Still, another issue threatens to damage the medical marijuana business. American Express has already removed itself from the medical marijuana business and now shop owners are dealing with the fact that both Visa and MasterCard have removed themselves as well. With all of these major credit card companies out of the picture, dispensaries are forced to handle transactions in cash, which they believe is opening them up to more potential break-ins and robberies. Even with the moratorium lifted, many believe this move will limit the industry’s growth.

Marijuana In Colorado Could See Federal Crackdown

Staff CMM - Friday, August 10, 2012
When considering the recent federal ruling by the Supreme Court regarding the legality of marijuana possession, it is easy to see that along with the Presidential election in November, people can expect to see the marijuana debate explode. The Supreme Court ruled recently that marijuana, no matter if it is considered legal in a state, is still punishable under federal law. This means that regardless of whether states such as Colorado make marijuana legal for recreational use, federal agents will still have authority to prosecute those found in possession, whether it is a dispensary or an individual. Some representatives believe that if Colorado becomes the first state to make the substance legal under state law, this will draw attention from federal prosecutors to pursue legal action to a much stronger degree.

Opposite Sides Clash On Regulating Marijuana In Colorado

Staff CMM - Tuesday, July 10, 2012
As Amendment 64 gains strength, more and more opposition is gaining strength as well. Members of groups from both sides of the subject are voicing louder concerns about whether to make marijuana in Colorado legal. A citizen group called Smart Colorado has begun the attempt to enlist the help of the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, to put a stop to Amendment 64. The Amendment, if passed, would allow adults in the state of Colorado to possess up to one ounce legally of the substance without fear of legal action by the state. Smart Colorado members are urging Holder to aggressively oppose the measure, stating that many citizens are unaware of the serious legal and policy implications of passing such a law. Members of groups who are in support of Amendment 64 are saying that involvement by Holder is unnecessary and just an attempt by a group of law officials to interfere with Colorado’s business industry.

Denver Medical Marijuana Ad Vote Delayed

Staff CMM - Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Members of the Denver City Council recently voted unanimously to postpone a final vote on whether to ban medical marijuana ads I Denver until August 20th of this year. Members of both sides of the issue showed up at the public hearing to voice their concerns on the subject. A nurse who took the podium stated clearly that even though she was an advocate and supporter of medical marijuana, she also supported the ban on medical marijuana outdoor advertisements, saying that people are able to find dispensaries without the aid of ads. The executive director of the Medical Marijuana Industry Group, Michael Elliot, spoke in favor of the ban, stating that kids were not just limited to 1,000 feet of schools, parks and daycare but are everywhere that these outdoor ads could be seen. The ordinance that was designed was modeled after a federal tobacco advertising law by Councilwoman Debbie Ortega. Ortega stated the purpose of the ordinance is to protect the city’s youth. If the ordinance is passed, it will be enforced on a complaint basis. Supporters of the right to outdoor advertising say the ban will only serve to further push the Colorado medical marijuana industry further into the shadows and set back any progress the industry has made thus far. The first reading regarding the vote will be scheduled for August 13th.

Hydroponics Store Owner Charged With Distribution of Marijuana in Colorado

Staff CMM - Friday, June 22, 2012

A Front Range hydroponics store was brought to everyone’s attention recently as the owner of the ‘Way To Grow’ chain stores, Corey Inniss, was charged with distributing approximately 22 pounds of marijuana. Because the distribution was done by Inniss and not the store itself, the store was allowed to continue its operations as usual. Way to Grow is one of the state’s largest hydroponics and indoor gardening suppliers, selling lights, cultivation supplies, watering systems, fertilizer and ventilation parts and is known to be a supporter of medical marijuana as they clearly indicate by flying banners reading ‘Light it up’ during Denver sporting events. Inniss is currently involved in two separate civil cases where federal prosecutors are seeking to seize houses and money connected to a larger marijuana growing ring in the state. Prosecutors for the case allege that Inniss was responsible for selling lights and growing equipment from his stores to set up cultivation operations. In exchange for the equipment, Inniss was to receive a cut of the operation’s proceeds. Prosecutors then allege Inniss deposited $1.3 million into Way To Grow bank accounts over a 16 month period. Inniss has agreed to a plea deal.

Colorado Medical Marijuana DUI Bill Defeated

Staff CMM - Tuesday, May 29, 2012
The Colorado Senate has been a veritable beehive of activity when it comes to bills dealing with the subject of medical marijuana. A recent bill in the senate is one dealing with the level of THC drivers can have in their blood stream when behind the wheel. Lawmakers in Colorado had been pushing hard to implement laws crating strict limits on THC levels and many medical marijuana professionals feared that passing such a law would cause a severe drop in the number of medical marijuana patients as well as declines in sales. As the vote neared, members of the medical marijuana industry feared the law would be passed, due to the fact that various reports indicated there was enough support in the senate to pass the bill. However, at the last moment, one member of the senate who was in support of the bill failed to show up and the bill died in a tight vote. The one missing senate vote would have made enough difference to pass the bill. Members of the medical marijuana

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