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Where to Shop: Caregiver vs. Dispensary

Todd Davis - Wednesday, March 31, 2010

As a patient of medical cannabis, many wonder what the best methodology to acquire product is. Colorado medical marijuana caregivers and dispensaries both have benefit; it is just a matter of deciding what is best for the individual. Commonly, a medical marijuana dispensary is thought of as a “convenience store”; a good place to find variety (edibles, hardware), but will be slightly more expensive due to the retail nature of the store. Caregivers, on the other hand, can be thought of as a “bulk store”; less variety, but larger amounts can be purchased for a little less money. One should not think of the two as competing or dueling entities, rather different methods to provide proper service to the patient.

Moratoriums Signs of Uncertainty

Todd Davis - Friday, March 26, 2010

Colorado medical marijuana growers and dispensary owners will be facing a long moratorium in La Plata County, which includes Durango. The moratorium places a six month wait period to develop land for medicinal marijuana dispensaries and cannabis cultivating houses. City and county officials claim the moratorium will help slow the process as restrictions and laws become solidified. Other counties, such as Weld, have either considered or passed similar moratoriums. It should be expected to see more moratoriums in the near future to slow the blooming industry. Fact is the industry has grown faster than the regulations meant to control the process. Right now, lines are still unclear between what is socially and legally acceptable for the medical marijuana industry.

Assault on Growers is a Setback for the Industry

Todd Davis - Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Medical marijuana growers in Colorado Springs were assaulted and robbed this week. The assailants reportedly physically abused the residents, shocked them with a stun gun, and stole their entire crop. Unfortunately, this is the exact type of crime medical marijuana opponents have been waiting for. This will only give new found momentum for restrictions on the industry as a whole. Although this robbery has nothing to do with medical benefit or revenue generation inherent to the Colorado medical marijuana industry, it will certainly raise eyebrows in the community. Increased crime rate is an argument opponents of medical marijuana have been citing since the industry’s inception. Instances such as this will only make that voice louder. One could argue that a convenience store owner is equally subject to the risk of assault and robbery. Although this is true, a crime committed against any medical marijuana dispensary, grower, or clinic will be perceived as new crime brought forth by the Colorado medical marijuana industry.

Career Opportunities in Marijuana

Todd Davis - Sunday, March 21, 2010

In light of the nation’s economic condition, it is difficult to ignore the opportunities that exist in the field of medical marijuana. In a time where unemployment is at an all time high, it seems a little closed minded to ignore all of the possibilities Colorado medical marijuana could offer. Without giving a preachy lesson in the fundamentals of business and economics, let us look at some of the basic business advantages inherent to medical marijuana and cannabis. On a production level, marijuana growers, cultivators, scientists, and farmers could all find thriving industrial benefit in just the growing of medical marijuana. Now to the consumer level: medical marijuana dispensaries and caregivers already enjoy a thriving industry on the current shaky ground of legality. Imagine the opportunities and businesses that could grow and benefit with less restriction. Medical marijuana in Colorado has already provided patients with a legitimate pain reliever. In addition, cannabis has already become a flourishing industry in spite of the legal climate. One cannot deny the potential economic benefit to Colorado medical marijuana.  

Why Marijuana is the Good Guy

Todd Davis - Saturday, February 27, 2010

Medical marijuana in Colorado has been given a bad reputation. Skeptics and opponents of Colorado cannabis constantly argue the "evils" of drugs and claim medical marijuana is just a means to open the Pandora's box of drug addiction and social degradation. Lost in the controversy is the true benefit of the plant. Stripping away the social mores and negative propaganda reveals the true nature of cannabis: it is a natural herb with endless beneficial potential. Cannabis requires no refinement to tap its active ingredient. Furthermore, the hemp form of the product can be used to make everything from clothing to building materials. Why does a product with so many positives receive such a bad rap? Sure, the active ingredient of THC can be used for recreational intoxication, but does that really make it harmful? That very same ingredient can be used for pain relief and mental health. Other socially accepted drugs are far more harmful and have little if any alternate usage. Studies have shown tobacco and alcohol are excessively addictive, let alone physically and mentally harmful, yet both can be purchased at the local grocery store. Pharmaceutical drugs, such as percocet, are the most chemically refined and physically addictive drugs on the planet, yet they are considered scientific achievement. Meanwhile, marijuana and hemp can be used for a plethora of medicinal and practical purpose, yet society fears it because of tradition. Intoxicational properties are fractional when it comes to the list of potential benefits. Perhaps Colorado medical marijuana is a means to expose the positives of the product. Medicinal benefit is still a small fraction of the untapped resource of cannabis. Hopefully, society will begin to see cannabis is far from evil; it is really a friendly and helpful natural resource that could be used for everything from medicine to alternate fuel. Perhaps it is time to accept medical marijuana in Colorado for its benefits rather than refute it due to fear.

What Happened to Hemp?

Todd Davis - Thursday, February 18, 2010

Remember a few years ago, before medical marijuana in Colorado was even a consideration, when cannabis advocates were promoting the virtues of hemp? Somehow, lost in all of the recent controversy, the plethora of potential benefits contained in the cannabis plant have been forgotten. Sure, the focus on Colorado cannabis should remain on the medicinal properties, but the plant contains so many more untapped recourses. Many studies have shown the unique fibrous qualities contained within the cannabis plant lend to its nearly limitless beneficial applications. Hemp fibers can be refined to make useful textiles such as clothing, paper, containers, carpet, construction material, and nearly any material one can think of that requires a fiber base. Oils contained in the plant can make cooking oil, fuel, paint base, and a myriad of other products consumed every day. Cannabis harvests faster than any tree currently used to make the aforementioned products and is extremely recyclable. It is becoming exceedingly clear that fear and doubt is hindering society from one of the most beneficial and logically useful products on the planet.  Beyond the glaringly apparent benefit of medicinal marijuana in Colorado, lies the nearly limitless uses of hemp. Perhaps it is time to abandon fear and embrace the untapped potential of both hemp and Colorado medical marijuana.

Would Legalization Be So Bad?

Todd Davis - Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Most advocates of medical marijuana in Colorado focus on the medicinal benefits of Colorado Cannabis. True as this may be, perhaps this is just the first step for a blooming industry. Obviously, much controversy has surrounded the legitimacy of the newly flourishing industry. Opponents of the product tend to constantly site concepts like morality and social dangers as if medical marijuana in Colorado has already torn the moral fabric of society. It seems, in contrast to this belief, the industry has already provided a beneficial product and a potentially limitless expanding business prospect.  After all, there is a reason why over 300 Colorado medicinal marijuana dispensaries opened their doors in less than a year, thus creating one of the fastest growing and profitable industries in history. Unfortunately, this is both a gift and a curse for the industry: business exponentially expanded in a short time, but that ended up creating more skepticism and fear among the general public. Objectively speaking, legalizing Colorado cannabis would create business opportunities, provide jobs, and would provide literally billions of dollars to state and federal government in sales tax alone. For now, the battle will rage on just to keep the medical industry alive. Perhaps in the near future, fear and skepticism will fade away, allowing the industry thrive as it really should.

Cannabis Connoisseur

Todd Davis - Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not everything about Colorado medical marijuana needs to revolve around controversy. Contrary to popular belief, cannabis contains many connoisseur properties, similar to fine wines, liquor, and tobacco. Nearly everyone knows that the active chemical in marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol; commonly known as THC. What most people do not know, however, is the plant produces in two basic forms: sativa and indica. There are a myriad of physical properties surrounding the two forms, but it is the effectual properties that really set the two apart. Most plants carry both traits, but for many Colorado medical marijuana patients, the percentage of sativa vs. indica in a plant has a drastic effect on the pain reducing properties as well as psychological and emotional effects. Commonly, indica plants contain heavy pain reducing properties, but also carry stronger mental effects such as drowsiness. Sativa plans, conversely, tend to hold more mentally pleasing attributes such as euphoria, but do not affect the body as much as sativa plants. Patients suffering from depression along with their physical ailments may prefer a heavier dosage of sativa. Beyond the effectual attributes, different plants also contain different flavor quality, color, density, and a plethora of qualities that can make each plant a unique specimen. Medical marijuana in Colorado can and should be allowed to help those in need. It is no crime, in contrast, to acknowledge the positives of Colorado cannabis beyond the initial medical benefit.

Where will it end?

Todd Davis - Saturday, February 13, 2010

It is no mystery that Colorado medicinal marijuana has become an extremely hot issue among both the public and lawmakers alike. Initiatives, bills, and proposals are presented on a nearly daily basis, creating more controversy and dispute among the voting public, advocates, and opponents of medical marijuana in Colorado. Considering all of the hype surrounding the subject, one can’t help but wonder: what will be the end result when all of the laws and disputes are finally settled? Conventional wisdom suggests there are two logical conclusions to the current dilemma. One point of view contends that Denver marijuana should and will become more restricted, forcing the industry into more of a pharmaceutical state whereby the patient will receive a conventional prescription from a doctor and would be required to buy the prescription at either a pharmacy or a privatized medicinal marijuana dispensary. The contrary view suggests the industry should and will be allowed to flourish, thus keeping Colorado medical marijuana available to patients using the current standard. Some contend that without strict regulation, Colorado cannabis may become available to the masses, much like a liquor store; this is, of course, the less likely scenario. Both sides of the argument have legitimate points of contention. What counts is where the industry will be led. No matter what, it will certainly be an intriguing process to behold.

Fear and Doubt in Public Perception

Todd Davis - Thursday, February 11, 2010

As lawmakers, business owners, and advocates battle over regulation of medicinal marijuana in Colorado, the public view becomes more skeptical. Current and future law notwithstanding, it is really the voting public at large who will decide the ultimate fate of Colorado medical marijuana. Due to all of the buzz and media attention drawn to the subject, it seems the public is beginning to question the integrity of the state of medicinal marijuana in Colorado. One does not have to look far to read message boards or website posts to feel the backlash of the current state of the industry. One of the common views is medical marijuana in Colorado is simply a farce in an effort to open the doors for recreational use. Attitudes such as this will invariably push the industry into a strict regulatory state that very well may completely dismantle the current state of Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries, caregivers, and patients alike. In contrast, proponents argue the legitimate medical benefit and make strong effort to make Colorado cannabis as obtainable as possible. Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries can also provide significant revenue opportunities for owners, growers, and (most importantly) state tax. Benefits of Colorado medical marijuana could very well outweigh the perceived moral dangers of the industry. It is up to advocates to convince an increasing skeptical public.

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