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New Colorado Medical Marijuana (CMM) Locations

Todd Davis - Sunday, May 01, 2011



Due to the rising demand for medical marijuana in Colorado over the past year, Colorado Medical Marijuana has added several locations to serve clients more efficiently. Colorado Medical Marijuana clients can obtain product at locations in Ft. Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Broomfield and Boulder north of Denver and Park Meadows/Highlands Ranch, Littleton and Lakewood south of Denver. Colorado Medical Marijuana’s downtown Denver location is also conveniently location for those living in the central metro area. Colorado Medical Marijuana strives to offer clients convenience as well as quality product at all locations as well as a knowledgeable, trained staff to assist with selection and questions. By expanding north to Ft. Collins, Colorado Medical Marijuana has been able to help clients who may be unable to drive down to central Denver for their medical marijuana needs.

State Juggles Card Fees for Schools

Todd Davis - Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Anyone who still thinks medical marijuana in Colorado is a sign of social degradation may want to rethink their stance. It has been argued by cannabis supporters that the industry could very well provide tax funds that would benefit the economy. Governor Bill Ritter has proposed a fund raid that will use $9 million in funds collected by card holder fees to support school funds; salaries, supplies, etc. Although this fund was initially intended to fund crime prevention of medicinal marijuana, it seems as though a surplus of funds created by card holder fees has provided this opportunity (according to the governor’s office). Seems a bit fitting that the industry so many have deemed as evil and morally reprehensible will supply funds to keeps schools on budget. Surely, there will be a backlash from opponents of medical cannabis as this money was originally intended for crime prevention. However, according to the governor’s office, this money is a surplus of revenue leaving the original fund with over $1 million with hundreds of fees still collected every day. Thank you, medicinal marijuana, for keeping our state schools and teachers properly funded.

Industrious Cannabis

Todd Davis - Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In spite of the overall controversial attitudes surrounding medical marijuana, the potential for employment and industry is significant. Certainly, there is already an obvious boom in the retail and growth of the product, but as the industry grows, so will the job opportunities. Foremost, there is serious potential in technology and growing apparatus. As demand grows, the need for larger crops will increase, thus the science and industry of growing cannabis will mature. Next, distribution could become a major player in the medical marijuana market. Obviously, as crops become larger, there will be a need for dispensaries to have product shipped to the store front. This is all just simple supply and demand concepts, yet opponents of Colorado medical marijuana seem to think that there is nothing good to come from the industry. Surely, it is not impossible to acknowledge the potential for industrious growth in the form of employment.

DEA Leader’s Dismissal Another Sign of Discord

Todd Davis - Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, the federal DEA office announced Colorado’s DEA lead agent, Jeffery Sweetin, will be reassigned. This comes with much adulation from Colorado cannabis proponents as he was the voice and face of medical marijuana opposition in Colorado. Sweetin’s celebrity grew after the widely publicized Bartkowicz arrest. Although it was found that Bartkowicz was out of state law compliance, Sweetin made it a point to site the Federal government’s opposing stance on marijuana. Although he was not incorrect, he was widely viewed in the medical marijuana community as a zealot. In all realism, the next Colorado DEA agent will most likely carry the same views as they are sworn to uphold Federal law. Still, many insist Sweetin went out of his way to publically oppose Colorado state medical marijuana laws and thus created his own circumstance and exposure. As long as Federal law continues to directly oppose state law, this polarization will continue to exist.

Cannabis Revenue

Todd Davis - Thursday, June 24, 2010

Recently, the city of Denver reported and estimated 1.2 million dollars in sales tax revenue collected from Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries. It should be noted that this figure was derived between the months of December and April. Opponents of medical cannabis quickly claim that this represents a mere 1% of total city sales tax. So what? Over one million dollars in NEW revenue over a measly four month span is significant. This figure also neglects new licensing fees for dispensaries and caregivers. Seems the state is reaping monetary benefit from a legitimate industry. All controversy aside, it is becoming apparent that cannabis could very well become a flourishing enterprise producing jobs and significant revenue for employers and government alike. Inevitably, voters will soon have the final word as both legalization and prohibitive ballots are expected to be proposed for November elections.

Tasty Flavors

Todd Davis - Thursday, May 13, 2010

One popular bonus to modern cannabis genetics is the addition of exotic flavors and smells. A new flavor that has gained popularity (at least online) is bubblegum Kush; containing a sweet, bubblegum like aroma matched with sweet flavor and finished with small red and pink hairs. Kush is a term used to describe a strain with high indica properties – originally procured from the India Kush mountain region. Many connoisseurs claim that flavors are becoming just as important as potency. Other popular flavors include blueberry and pineapple. Another interesting and popular flavor is diesel; yes, it has an aroma similar to diesel fuel, matched with heavy indica properties. Colorado cannabis is an ever evolving enterprise. Although the industry itself is under much scrutiny, the science of medicinal marijuana in Colorado will constantly innovate and evolve.

Regulatory Bills; an Objective Point of View

Todd Davis - Tuesday, April 13, 2010

As the debate over Medicinal marijuana in Colorado rages on, many lawmakers have proposed regulations and Bills in an effort to regulate the booming Colorado cannabis industry. Many proponents, advocates, lobbyists and entrepreneurs argue strict regulation will squelch a legitimate industry that could possibly help mend a weak economy.   Colorado marijuana is, in fact, proving to be a legitimate business capable of providing enough jobs and tax revenue to benefit the economy. Unfortunately, illegitimate businesses, fly by night opportunists and underground protests have created a counterproductive element to the medical cannabis cause. Amendment 20 was originally intended to provide medicinal marijuana to legitimate patients via a caregiver. Now, according to the opposing view, there is a Colorado medical marijuana dispensary on every corner. Many opponents argue that the Amendment has been taken advantage of, thus creating a back door to pure legalization. Although this is not the intention, one can certainly acknowledge this perception. Bill 1284, for example, is the newest proposition up for vote in the Senate. Its main intent is to limit Colorado medical marijuana dispensary licenses as well as limit the amount of patients a caregiver can provide for.  Although this is a simplistic interpretation of Bill 1284, it is essentially an effort to slow the booming industry. Unfortunately, the industry will become more tightly regulated, whether Bill 1284 passes or not. Medicinal marijuana is certainly a legitimate industry providing a quality product to those in need. However, over exposure and an inversely proportional boom in highly visible dispensaries have soured public perception. Regulation is a necessary and inevitable consequence to every controversial industry, cannabis in Colorado is no different.

Common Side Effects of Marijuana

Todd Davis - Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Medicinal marijuana in Colorado has plenty of medical benefit; mostly in the form of pain relief. Although the medicinal properties are legitimate, one cannot deny that all treatment comes with side effects. Compared to other, harsher pharmaceutical drugs, medical cannabis actually has acceptable effects. Most people know about the common short term effects like dry mouth, sort term memory loss, red eye, and drowsiness. It should be known, however, that medical marijuana does have effects that are longer lasting and less well known. Many users experience paranoia, this effect can become inflated for the common user, sometimes leading to social withdrawal and anxiety. Although drowsiness is a common short term effect, cannabis can actually cause heightened blood pressure and brain activity, leading to sleep deprivation effects. Effects such as euphoria can be a positive experience, but some chronic medicinal marijuana users may experience a dulled sense of time and space; causing tardiness and other unsavory social effects. Colorado medical marijuana has a plethora of positive uses and medical benefits. In contrast, it is not without side effect and consequence. A potential medicinal cannabis patient should weigh the risk with a qualified physician when choosing the proper treatment.

Medical Benefits of Cannabis

Todd Davis - Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Much debate has unfolded surrounding medical marijuana in Colorado. Many question the legitimacy of the industry, yet medicinal cannabis can give relief to a wide variety of patients and ailments. To begin, Colorado medical marijuana has shown to be an affective pain reliever. Medicinal marijuana patients have used the product to dull pain from headaches to muscle spasms. Many cancer patients also use medical cannabis to help with the burning pain of Chemotherapy as well as helping create appetite. Medicinal marijuana has also shown to have anti depressive traits as well. Many patients who have sought medical marijuana in Colorado due to pain have also discovered it helps with the depression often coinciding with pain. Colorado cannabis can be beneficial to so many potential patients, from pain relief to anti depression. In time, the industry hopes to have the opportunity to provide the medical benefit to all those in need.

Where to Shop: Caregiver vs. Dispensary

Todd Davis - Wednesday, March 31, 2010

As a patient of medical cannabis, many wonder what the best methodology to acquire product is. Colorado medical marijuana caregivers and dispensaries both have benefit; it is just a matter of deciding what is best for the individual. Commonly, a medical marijuana dispensary is thought of as a “convenience store”; a good place to find variety (edibles, hardware), but will be slightly more expensive due to the retail nature of the store. Caregivers, on the other hand, can be thought of as a “bulk store”; less variety, but larger amounts can be purchased for a little less money. One should not think of the two as competing or dueling entities, rather different methods to provide proper service to the patient.

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