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Political Race Focusing On Marijuana Legalization In Colorado

Staff CMM - Tuesday, October 30, 2012
The issue of whether or not marijuana in Colorado should become legal has now spilled into mainstream politics with a fervor and only seems to be picking up speed. Candidates from both sides are working hard to make their opinions known, even going so far as to stand on the steps of the state capitol to hand out flyers. Republicans seem to be pulling ahead as far as favoritism for the bill, while Conservatives and Democrats are showing a stronger preference toward opposing the bill. In Colorado Springs, which has a larger Republican population than any other city in the state, activists stood outside Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan’s rally handing out flyers to inform passing Republicans, stating legalization would be fiscally prudent as it would be able to be taxed, regulated and monitored by the state. Democrats in opposition feel legalization will pose a threat to future generations and feel the bill is not in the best interest of children.

Full Marijuana Legalization a Matter of Life and Death for Some

Todd Davis - Monday, May 23, 2011



Some advocates against medical marijuana use in Colorado claim fully legalizing the substance will just encourage chronic users to come out of the woodwork, which would lead to larger crimes. Others, however, feel that full legalization will mean providing greater benefits to those with life-threatening illnesses who are currently hamstringed by state and federal rules and regulations. A lawyer in Longmont, Colorado recently found herself supporting legalization upon discovering she had contracted a deadly, aggressive form of breast cancer. Using medical marijuana was the difference between living and dying as it enabled her to eat and not vomit during the grueling 18 month round of chemotherapy treatments. To this lawyer, advocating and supporting full legalization may enable others in similar predicaments better access to the life saving treatment they might require.

Debat Continues Over Medical Marijuana Recommendations by Doctors

Todd Davis - Friday, May 13, 2011




Tougher rules and restrictions regarding Colorado medical marijuana patients have now become directed at doctors in Colorado and which in particular, which doctors should be allowed to recommend medical marijuana to patients. The Colorado Board of Health is aiming to make it clearer on how well doctors know their patients before recommending marijuana treatment and also question whether doctors with conditions on their licenses such as a surgeon being banned from surgery due to the development of arthritis should be allowed to recommend marijuana to their patients. These regulations are aimed at discouraging marijuana mills in which doctors recommend marijuana to new patients after only a brief visit. Approximately 1,300 people who applied for medical marijuana cards this last year were denied by the state due to their recommendations coming from doctors with license conditions.

Kush Festival Attracts Attention in Colorado Medical Marijuana Community

Todd Davis - Wednesday, May 11, 2011



Medical marijuana patients in Colorado will have a new festival to attend this year as Colorado becomes the host of the World Cannabis Convention in May 2011. According to Kush Magazine editor, Michael Lerner, the World Cannabis Convention will be responsible for bringing millions of dollars of revenue to the state. Medical marijuana advocates from around the world are expected to attend the convention. Hundreds of booths will be set up and there is expected to be thousands of giveaways. Live concerts and a Hot Kush Girl contest will be hosted by ROOR. The resting lounge will include food, full bar and massage chairs. Guest speakers will include grow experts, industry leaders, advocates, attorneys and more. Organization leaders are expecting the World Cannabis Convention to experience a record turnout.

4/20 Rally Gains Strength in Boulder

Todd Davis - Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boulder cannabis
 enthusiasts are enjoying stronger turnouts for the annual 4/20 rally. Last year, a crowd of around 10,000 people gathered together in what is referred to as the Norlin Quad near the University of Colorado campus. Approximately 20 to 25% of that number was estimated to be students of CU. Many cannabis users claim Boulder provides a more comfortable setting than Denver though spokespeople for CU tend to find the event annoying and not a very good representation of what the college is about. In the past, efforts have been made to deter the crowd of marijuana gatherers such as fertilizers on the lawn and turning on the sprinklers, but attempts have been unsuccessful. Police officials will be keeping an eye on the crowd but keeping a distance. However, any littering will be met with steep $1,000 fines.

4/20 Rally Gains Popularity Among Colorado Marijuana Advocates

Todd Davis - Sunday, April 17, 2011


Colorado medical marijuana patients are gearing up for what is known as International Cannabis Day on April 20th. The gathering, which begins at 4:20 pm, has become a Colorado tradition as people get together to celebrate their favorite plant. The rally is held at Civic Center Park in downtown Denver and for the first time in Colorado history, the City of Denver has granted a permit for cannabis re-legalization activists to officially hold their rally in the park. In previous years, the rallies have been relatively small, mostly due to the inability to obtain a permit. However, this year’s rally is expected to have a record turnout. Many dispensaries, including Colorado Medical Marijuana, are expected to attend the rally to show their support as well.

Boulder Celebrates International Cannabis Day

Todd Davis - Saturday, August 08, 2009

A crowd of approximately 10,000 people gathered recently at the University of Colorado to celebrate the use of both Boulder medical marijuana and the overall use of marijuana. As more states are beginning to legalize medical marijuana, Colorado and other states are beginning to see more and more rallies to support overall legalization of the drug.

The Boulder rally, knows as International Cannabis Day, was also celebrated in Civic Center Park in Denver with approximately 3,000 people gathering together to show support. Police were stationed at the events to ensure public safety, but no arrests were made. The holiday has gained attention over the last several years as issues of medical marijuana use have been put more and more in the spotlight.

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