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Local Controversy Linked to Colorado Medical Marijuana

Todd Davis - Thursday, January 07, 2010

Two recent controversies have been tied to Colorado medical marijuana and Colorado marijuana dispensaries. In Denver, police are investigating an alleged connection between a residential shooting and Denver Medical Marijuana. According to police, although the shooting happened in a private residence, the shooting may have been related to a medicinal marijuana transaction. Denver police are not giving any more information at this time. In Weld County, a Colorado marijuana dispensary owner is receiving a daily citation from police due to a paperwork issue. Apparently, the owner’s paperwork was not processed in time to avoid the 75 day moratorium imposed by the county. As a result, his business is receiving a daily citation until he either closes his business or the matter is resolved in court. The legitimacy of both cases could be argued, but the fact remains that more controversy and litigation will be on the horizon. For now, the court of public opinion is still in session as lawmakers, businesses, and caregivers prepare for the inevitable increased regulation of medical marijuana in Colorado.  

Colorado Marijuana Capital of the U.S.

Todd Davis - Monday, January 04, 2010

Currently, there is an estimated 300+ Colorado Marijuana dispensaries open for business in the greater Denver Metro area. In fact, over 170 dispensaries have been issued sales tax licenses in the month of December alone. On average, the Denver City Treasury is processing 25 sales tax licenses a day for Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries. This represents more business locations than Starbuck’s Coffee shops and liquor stores in the Denver Metro area. Moreover, Denver currently has more dispensaries on a per-capita basis than the city of Los Angeles, making Colorado the official cannabis capital of America according to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. As dispensaries open at this astronomical rate, tighter restrictions will be inevitable. The Denver City Council is presently convening in an effort to create more restrictions for dispensaries and pushing for reform to current Colorado medical marijuana laws. So far, the focus is to keep dispensaries from opening near schools. Other restrictions include prohibiting on site consumption of medical marijuana in Colorado

New Legislation For Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Todd Davis - Thursday, December 17, 2009

Colorado marijuana dispensaries are starting to see the beginning of restrictive legislation to slow the boom industry. In Windsor, Colorado a new 75-day moratorium has been approved by the town board. This moratorium is meant to keep new dispensaries from opening at such an alarming rate. Other towns, such as Dillon, have attempted similar regulations, but have failed to get them approved at least for the time being. Colorado medical marijuana laws are currently in their infancy. Windsor could be a trend setter in the state as far as regulating dispensaries from opening at an exponential rate. With a 75-day moratorium, dispensaries will be forced to open slowly, making it less possible for new dispensaries to open on an almost daily basis. Since the year 2000 when a voter referendum made Colorado medical marijuana legal, state and federal officials have been struggling to find common ground where dispensaries are concerned.

Colorado Medical Marijuana Poll Results Not Substantive, Claim Lawmakers

Todd Davis - Sunday, December 06, 2009

The argument between lawmakers and supporters of medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado rages ever on. A poll taken by medical marijuana advocates which was released recently showed that support for dispensaries had at least a 2 to 1 margin in favor of allowing cannabis dispensaries across the state. Colorado has already ruled medical marijuana legal in the state. However, in light of several cities banning dispensaries, advocates are seeking public opinion on whether dispensaries should be allowed licensing like any other business. The poll results were discounted by officials who states that not enough detail was given in the survey to allow respondents to make a truly informed decision. The main concern by officials is that with so many dispensaries trying to open across the state, access to the drug by young, healthy people who are not using the drug for medical reasons will greatly increase. Officials also states that the poll did not begin by asking respondents if they supported medical marijuana in Colorado or offer them the option of prohibiting dispensaries. Medical marijuana advocates state that since the state of Colorado has already ruled the substance legal for medical reasons, there was no reason to ask respondents if they supported it or not.

Colorado Medical Marijuana Attorneys at Your Service

Todd Davis - Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Colorado Bar Association will be hosting a one hour program through it’s CLE division to discuss the “legal Chaos” of medical marijuana laws in Colorado. The program will cover Federal Government vs. States Rights, Medical Marijuana caregiver rule changes and other facts about the media and the law when it pertains to medical marijuana. The class will be held on November 11th 2009.


The rules and regulations are changing rapidly and attorneys are having a difficult time interpreting the laws themselves. The staff and management at (CMM) Colorado Medical Marijuana LLC consult regularly with a variety of attorneys practicing in Colorado and getting a variety of answers to one particular question is commonplace. At Colorado Medical Marijuana LLC we suggest consulting with several attorneys when addressing the big questions regarding the business side of medical marijuana.

Colorado Marijuana Legalization Could Lower Black Market Sales

Todd Davis - Thursday, September 17, 2009

Medical marijuana in Colorado is currently legal, made so by a voter-approved amendment to the state constitution. However, there are some who claim that the overall legalization of the drug could benefit the state in more ways that one. The biggest benefit is said to come in the form of lowering black market sales, most specifically to teens, by making marijuana more easily accessible. One theory is that by making the drug available, teens will not be pressed to seek out black market buying options, which tend to lead to the purchase of harder drugs such as cocaine.

In the Netherlands, marijuana was made available in coffee shops, lowering the tendency for teens to gravitate toward cocaine to one in one thousand. The rate among U.S. teens gravitating from marijuana to cocaine at the time of the study was 1.7%, more than five times as prevalent. This statistic is enough to give marijuana legalization further consideration.

Proposed Changes To Colorado Medical Marijuana Bill Still Under Review

Todd Davis - Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Citizens who would like to submit in writing any comments on the proposed changes to the Colorado medical marijuana registry program are strongly encouraged to do so before May 15, 2009 in order to have those comments reviewed before the hearing date of June 20, 2009. Anyone who has previously submitted a comment is asked not to resubmit.

All comments that have been submitted since February 10, 2009 will be included in the review and any oral testimony will be kept to five minutes or less depending on the number of people planning to testify. New comment submissions can be sent by e-mail to by May 15, 2009.

President Obama Fields Marijuana Legalization Questions

Todd Davis - Saturday, August 08, 2009

Although medical marijuana in Colorado and some other states has been legalized, basic marijuana use across the country continues to remain illegal. At a recent online town hall meeting held at the White House, President Obama responded to questions regarding the overall legalization of marijuana.

President Obama’s reply, while jovial, was that legalization of the drug was not a good economic strategy would probably not be useful in turning the economy around. Marijuana legalization was a very small portion of the overall discussion which included universal healthcare, mortgages, education, the auto industry and veteran’s care. The President hopes to hold more of these online town hall type discussions in the future.

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