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California To Follow Colorado Example When It Comes To Medical Marijuana Registration

Staff CMM - Friday, April 20, 2012
When it comes to sheer size, California beats out most other states, especially with regard to population. And yet, when it comes to recorded medical marijuana users, California has shown fewer patients than Colorado, Arizona, Hawaii, Michigan and Montana. Up until now, California has not required residents to register as medical marijuana patients. This has made it nearly impossible for law officials to determine when a person is cleared for marijuana use for medical reasons or just purchasing the drug off the street. Keeping this in mind, California is now experiencing a federal crackdown of their own on the medical marijuana industry in general in the state and a Democratic State lawmaker has introduced a legislation which, if passed, will greatly assist authorities in getting a clearer picture of the medical marijuana industry’s consumer base. This bill will require any patient seeking medical marijuana to apply for a county-issued identification card. They will also be required to register with the state. Users will also be required to state whether they plan to grown their own marijuana or purchase it from a 3rd party and if so, they will be required to name the 3rd party. By instituting this law, officials are hoping to make it easier for law enforcement agents to determine whether someone is in possession of marijuana illegally or for medical use.

Colorado Medical Marijuana Patients Seek to Add New Conditions to Approved List

Todd Davis - Monday, May 16, 2011



While the list of approved medical conditions for the usage of medical marijuana is already quite large in its own right, many medical patients have been seeking to add new conditions to the list. The Colorado Department of Health has received many petitions to add the following debilitating medical conditions to is approved list of conditions for which medical marijuana can be recommended by a physician: asthma, atherosclerosis, Bipolar disorder, Crohn’s disease, diabetes mellitus; types 1 and 2, diabetic retinopathy, Hepatitis C, hypertension, methicillan-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), opiod dependence, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), rheumatoid arthritis, severe anxiety & clinical depression and Tourette’s syndrome. As of yet, the Colorado Department of Public Health has not approved any of these conditions for the use of medical marijuana.

Possible Treatment of MS Patients in Colorado Through Medical Marijuana

Todd Davis - Tuesday, December 08, 2009



Colorado medical marijuana users may have another reason for using the drug. According to clinical trials by MS patients who used medical marijuana, medical marijuana was shown to reduce or alleviateMS symptoms including anxiety, pain, ataxia, spasms and depression, and may even slow neurodegeneration associated with MS. In a survey of 112 medical marijuana patients with MS, over 80% reported an improvement in symptoms including anxiety, depression, pain, tremors and spasticity. The Long School of Medicine found in a 2008 study that medical marijuana may also slow neurodegenerative disease progression of MS. As with all diseases, patients may experience different levels of symptoms varying form mild to moderate to severe. Most patients with symptoms who used medical marijuana as part of their treatment plan have experienced some form of relief from use of the drug.


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