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Recent Research Shows Medical Marijuana Benefits

Staff CMM - Saturday, July 28, 2012

In recent studies presented in ‘The Open Neurology Journal’ by the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research, conclusions have been drawn as to the actual benefit of marijuana in medical situations. Currently, medical marijuana uses are classified with the government as 'not tenable.' The study states that this federal classification, along with many of the political obstructions associated with it are considered a detrimental obstacle to marijuana’s medical process. Over the past ten years, the CMCR has conducted 13 studies showing the benefits of marijuana for a variety of serious illnesses including HIV, cancer, Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis. The drug has proven beneficial to those afflicted with these and a variety of other illnesses in controlling and easing pain, reducing vomiting and nausea and increasing appetite in those suffering from these illnesses as well as from the side effects of chemotherapy and has proven to provide patients with long-term pain relief. The Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research aims to change the government’s classification of the drug with its findings.

Using Medical Marijuana, Colorado Patients May Find Nausea Relief

Todd Davis - Tuesday, December 08, 2009


For many patients in Coloradomedical marijuana use can be the most effective treatment for nausea available. Medical marijuana can help reduce nausea and actually stimulate the appetite, reducing the risk of weight loss in patients with such diseases as AIDS and cancer. In a study in 2007 where scientists surveyed HIV-positive marijuana smokers, the drug was shown to actually increase caloric intake and assist with weight gain. For those patients who do not respond to traditional forms of nausea medication, the use of medical marijuana has been shown to be not only a cost effective alternative, but symptoms actually improved to a greater degree as opposed to the use of clinical medicals. In a study by the New York State Journal of Medicine, 56 patients who did not respond to traditional medicine showed improvement when the use of medical marijuana was introduced.

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