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Religion And Medical Marijuana

Todd Davis - Saturday, November 26, 2011

One topic that is not commonly covered when discussing medical marijuana in Colorado is religion’s views on the subject. On the religious side, high-ranking members of various church organizations have openly stated their approval of marijuana for medical use, stating that it is considered by the church an act of compassion for those suffering from an otherwise debilitating state. Then there is the other side of the coin. A 25 year-old man in Georgetown, Colorado who was recently found guilty of marijuana possession claimed that his religious beliefs necessitated the use of cannabis and that the plant was not only sacred, but used as a botanical messiah in his communication with God. While law officials believe that the Georgetown man was sincere in his beliefs, the issue of possession without a medical marijuana card, as well as driving under the influence of the drug took precedence and the man was sentenced to 30 hours of community service and a find of several hundred dollars.

Colorado Medical Marijuana Patients Seek to Add New Conditions to Approved List

Todd Davis - Monday, May 16, 2011



While the list of approved medical conditions for the usage of medical marijuana is already quite large in its own right, many medical patients have been seeking to add new conditions to the list. The Colorado Department of Health has received many petitions to add the following debilitating medical conditions to is approved list of conditions for which medical marijuana can be recommended by a physician: asthma, atherosclerosis, Bipolar disorder, Crohn’s disease, diabetes mellitus; types 1 and 2, diabetic retinopathy, Hepatitis C, hypertension, methicillan-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), opiod dependence, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), rheumatoid arthritis, severe anxiety & clinical depression and Tourette’s syndrome. As of yet, the Colorado Department of Public Health has not approved any of these conditions for the use of medical marijuana.

New Colorado Medical Marijuana (CMM) Locations

Todd Davis - Sunday, May 01, 2011



Due to the rising demand for medical marijuana in Colorado over the past year, Colorado Medical Marijuana has added several locations to serve clients more efficiently. Colorado Medical Marijuana clients can obtain product at locations in Ft. Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Broomfield and Boulder north of Denver and Park Meadows/Highlands Ranch, Littleton and Lakewood south of Denver. Colorado Medical Marijuana’s downtown Denver location is also conveniently location for those living in the central metro area. Colorado Medical Marijuana strives to offer clients convenience as well as quality product at all locations as well as a knowledgeable, trained staff to assist with selection and questions. By expanding north to Ft. Collins, Colorado Medical Marijuana has been able to help clients who may be unable to drive down to central Denver for their medical marijuana needs.

Acquiring a Medicinal Marijuana Card

Todd Davis - Monday, March 08, 2010

Many potential patients may neglect Colorado medical marijuana because they are either afraid or ignorant to the process. Acquiring a Colorado medical marijuana card is simple if done correctly. One major pitfall the patient needs to avoid is illegitimate businesses and physicians. There are a plethora of doctors and offices to choose from, but a large percentage of offices are running without proper licensing and certification. This website, in contrast, is an excellent resource for patients looking for direction. One would be well advised to use the contact information provided on this very website; all physicians are qualified and certified. In addition, the office is centrally located and in compliance to all current law and code. Nothing is more frustrating to a patient than going through the trouble of acquiring a Colorado medical marijuana card only to find out they unknowingly received it illegally. Beware of cheap and flighty offices. Using this website and the physicians herein employed will guarantee a smooth transaction and experience as well as a completely legal Colorado medical marijuana card.

A Patient’s Perspective

Todd Davis - Sunday, January 17, 2010

As the controversy rages on about the legitimacy of Colorado medicinal marijuana, there is a significant demographic supporting the product; the patient. Opponents to Denver medical marijuana and Colorado marijuana dispensaries claim that the medical benefits are a sham used as a smoke screen to simply legalize a narcotic. A true patient would disagree. In an interview with a serious patient, some genuine medical benefits were unveiled. This patient, a male in his mid 40’s, was involved in a traffic accident; both his legs were mangled in the wreck. To him, Denver medical marijuana has provided him with an alternate pain killer. He also explained that the euphoric properties help with bouts of depression revolving around the pain and make his life experience more enjoyable in general. He complained that other prescribed pain killers were more addictive, less effective, and more expensive. To him, and thousands of similar patients, Colorado medicinal marijuana doctors have helped them find a new avenue for pain relief never before available. After listening to his story, one cannot help but realize the potential legitimacy of medicinal marijuana in Colorado.    

Mr Suthers, Fire Your Researchers; They are Harming your Reputation

Todd Davis - Thursday, January 14, 2010

After reading Mr Suthers Huffington blog post, it is our opinion that Mr Suthers has been greatly misinformed as to the state of the medical marijuana community in Colorado. Mr Suthers please, put patients before politics, and certainly put patients before paranoia.


Our company (CMM) Colorado Medical Marijuana LLC (not a dispensary) has assisted thousands of patients with the application and registration process for the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry. Has anyone asked a company like ours what the patients needs are and what the majority of Colorado’s medical marijuana patients seek in new legislation. Senator Romer understands the importance of sifting through myth and finding some truth. His suggestion to get the patients to participate in the medical marijuana debate is crucial.


When the founders of (CMM) were interested in becoming medical marijuana patients they had to call over 50 doctors in Colorado before they could find one doctor that was wiling to recommend marijuana as medicine. This is the reason (CMM) was created. This is also the reason that only 5 doctors are responsible for 80% of the medical marijuana recommendation s in the state. There are thousands of patients in Colorado seeking relief and finding the same dead ends.


Fortunately there are good doctors (checking and reviewing records) that understand the need to incorporate a variety of weapons into the pain management arsenal. Our partner doctors will not recommend marijuana to patients that do not have a qualifying condition but they rarely have to deny a patient. The reason is fairly simple; we prescreen clients and request records. This simple procedure is all that is needed to safeguard good patient’s rights to use medical marijuana. Mr Suthers, please contact us and let us show you the evidence that good doctors and ethical business owners exist within the emerging medical marijuana community.


Some politicians have suggested that they redefine the doctor patient relationship and what constitutes a bonafide relationship. They have suggested that patients should be wheeled down or limp into the nearest doctor’s office multiple times to receive a card. This is very painful and costly for most qualified patients. Qualified patients have turned to medical marijuana as a last resort in treating their debilitating and chronic medical conditions in hopes of living a normal life. No, the answer is not to require these poor and debilitated patients to spend extra days and money they do not have, in and out of the doctor’s office.


Qualified patients have enough problems in life and the process to get a medical marijuana recommendation and card is already difficult and expensive. On Monday our office received a call from recent cancer widow. She told us that her husband applied for a card, paid to get a physicians recommendation to use medical marijuana, had his application notarized and paid a fee of $90 to Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry (CDPHE).  He died before his ID card came and he never even knew that the doctor’s signature was all that was needed to use marijuana legally. He was trying to be a good and law abiding citizen waiting for his medical marijuana card to come in the mail (Currently delayed 14 to 16 weeks).


Mr Suthers, doctors do not prescribe medical marijuana, a drug that is safer than cough syrup. Doctors may only recommend marijuana. Mr. Suthers consider your quote “Can you imagine any other drug or treatment where a doctor is directly incentivized to prescribe a specific treatment method? The public would be outraged if a drug company were effectively paying a doctor in cash to prescribe their product”. No Mr Suthers, we do not have to imaging because we see it every day with the nation’s pharmaceutical companies and our states practicing physicians. They might not exchange cash directly but exchanges are being made.. Patients are sick and tired of the Reefer Madness and tired and sick from the deadly synthetic chemicals they are prescribed with out any fanfare or responsibility. Mr Suthers, please call us and get some of the facts that you will need in these upcoming weeks. Multiple doctor visits with needless poking and prodding is not the answer, good records straight from one MD or DO to another MD or DO are the answer.



(CMM) Management

Possible Treatment of MS Patients in Colorado Through Medical Marijuana

Todd Davis - Tuesday, December 08, 2009



Colorado medical marijuana users may have another reason for using the drug. According to clinical trials by MS patients who used medical marijuana, medical marijuana was shown to reduce or alleviateMS symptoms including anxiety, pain, ataxia, spasms and depression, and may even slow neurodegeneration associated with MS. In a survey of 112 medical marijuana patients with MS, over 80% reported an improvement in symptoms including anxiety, depression, pain, tremors and spasticity. The Long School of Medicine found in a 2008 study that medical marijuana may also slow neurodegenerative disease progression of MS. As with all diseases, patients may experience different levels of symptoms varying form mild to moderate to severe. Most patients with symptoms who used medical marijuana as part of their treatment plan have experienced some form of relief from use of the drug.


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