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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado Fear Backlash From Amendment 64

Staff CMM - Friday, November 02, 2012

Although Amendment 64, the bill proposing to legalize marijuana in small amounts to adults appears to be beneficial on the outside, many dispensary owners fear a backlash of problems the Amendment will create should it be passed. Dispensary owners fear that if marijuana should become legal, many dispensaries will open that would not require people to have as medical marijuana card, making it much easier for people to purchase marijuana and therefore circumvent the need for medical marijuana dispensaries all together. There are still a few who hold out hope that the Obama administration will change its mind about marijuana legalization if Obama is reelected, but should Romney be elected, he has already made it clear that he will fight the marijuana legalization efforts tooth and nail.

Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry Shows Continued Growth in 2012

Staff CMM - Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Although the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry started off in June 2011 posting strong numbers when it came to registered patients, the number of new registered patients began to drop as the year went on. By December, 2011 the registry had posted a nearly 50,000 patient decline. As the New Year began, numbers began to rise again and officials believe it is largely due to the drop in the registry fee from $90 to $35. Since December, approximately 12,800 patients have signed on to the registry. The majority of registry patients are men, at an average age of 42 and inclu8de 46 minors who have their registry card through a parent or guardian. Nearly 55% of all registered Colorado medical marijuana patients have a designated caregiver, which is a 2% drop from February of this year. The Registry also shows that approximately 500 patients were put on a six-month waiting list due to various reasons such as seeing a physician’s assistant instead of a doctor and the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry is expecting an increase in registered patients once that six-month period has been completed.

Colorado Medical Marijuana Sees Turnaround In Patient Numbers

Staff CMM - Friday, May 18, 2012

According to sources last year, the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry was in a severe slump, suffering from a radical drop in the amount of patients applying for a card. As of the end of January 2012, however, this slump seems to have turned around, posting an increase of nearly 3,000 patients. Most of the statistics remained the same though. The average patient age remained at 42, while women accounted for only 32% of the registry patients. The largest number comes from people registering someone else as their caregiver. There are currently at least 10,000 registered caregivers in the state of Colorado. Although the state experienced this rise in patients in January, they are still approximately 43,500 patients below the peak enrollment recorded in June 2011. Many patients have cited privacy concerns when it comes to renewing their cards, stating a dislike for the intrusion of their privacy regarding buying habits and quantities, while others had their applications denied and have been forced to wait six months before reapplying. The CDPHE stated that their primary focus during the next few months will be to process applications within the 35 day window rather than keeping the website updated due to the smaller number of people they currently have in employment.

Senate Clears Proposal On Training For Colorado Medical Marijuana

Staff CMM - Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A recent proposal aimed at allowing people to be trained who work in the medical marijuana business has just cleared the Senate and will now make its way to the House for a second vote. The proposal’s intention is to train employees working in the medical marijuana business in Colorado in state regulations as well as how to spot fake medical marijuana cards. This training would be similar to training that already exists for the alcohol industry. The Senate vote, which was carried out at the end of March, was 24-11 in favor of providing responsible medical marijuana vendors. If the proposal should pass, local medical marijuana dispensaries will be allowed to designate their own trained employees and in exchange, could be given a break if for some reason they were to run afoul of state regulations.

Kush Festival Attracts Attention in Colorado Medical Marijuana Community

Todd Davis - Wednesday, May 11, 2011



Medical marijuana patients in Colorado will have a new festival to attend this year as Colorado becomes the host of the World Cannabis Convention in May 2011. According to Kush Magazine editor, Michael Lerner, the World Cannabis Convention will be responsible for bringing millions of dollars of revenue to the state. Medical marijuana advocates from around the world are expected to attend the convention. Hundreds of booths will be set up and there is expected to be thousands of giveaways. Live concerts and a Hot Kush Girl contest will be hosted by ROOR. The resting lounge will include food, full bar and massage chairs. Guest speakers will include grow experts, industry leaders, advocates, attorneys and more. Organization leaders are expecting the World Cannabis Convention to experience a record turnout.

New Colorado Medical Marijuana (CMM) Locations

Todd Davis - Sunday, May 01, 2011



Due to the rising demand for medical marijuana in Colorado over the past year, Colorado Medical Marijuana has added several locations to serve clients more efficiently. Colorado Medical Marijuana clients can obtain product at locations in Ft. Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Broomfield and Boulder north of Denver and Park Meadows/Highlands Ranch, Littleton and Lakewood south of Denver. Colorado Medical Marijuana’s downtown Denver location is also conveniently location for those living in the central metro area. Colorado Medical Marijuana strives to offer clients convenience as well as quality product at all locations as well as a knowledgeable, trained staff to assist with selection and questions. By expanding north to Ft. Collins, Colorado Medical Marijuana has been able to help clients who may be unable to drive down to central Denver for their medical marijuana needs.

State Juggles Card Fees for Schools

Todd Davis - Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Anyone who still thinks medical marijuana in Colorado is a sign of social degradation may want to rethink their stance. It has been argued by cannabis supporters that the industry could very well provide tax funds that would benefit the economy. Governor Bill Ritter has proposed a fund raid that will use $9 million in funds collected by card holder fees to support school funds; salaries, supplies, etc. Although this fund was initially intended to fund crime prevention of medicinal marijuana, it seems as though a surplus of funds created by card holder fees has provided this opportunity (according to the governor’s office). Seems a bit fitting that the industry so many have deemed as evil and morally reprehensible will supply funds to keeps schools on budget. Surely, there will be a backlash from opponents of medical cannabis as this money was originally intended for crime prevention. However, according to the governor’s office, this money is a surplus of revenue leaving the original fund with over $1 million with hundreds of fees still collected every day. Thank you, medicinal marijuana, for keeping our state schools and teachers properly funded.

Acquiring a Medicinal Marijuana Card

Todd Davis - Monday, March 08, 2010

Many potential patients may neglect Colorado medical marijuana because they are either afraid or ignorant to the process. Acquiring a Colorado medical marijuana card is simple if done correctly. One major pitfall the patient needs to avoid is illegitimate businesses and physicians. There are a plethora of doctors and offices to choose from, but a large percentage of offices are running without proper licensing and certification. This website, in contrast, is an excellent resource for patients looking for direction. One would be well advised to use the contact information provided on this very website; all physicians are qualified and certified. In addition, the office is centrally located and in compliance to all current law and code. Nothing is more frustrating to a patient than going through the trouble of acquiring a Colorado medical marijuana card only to find out they unknowingly received it illegally. Beware of cheap and flighty offices. Using this website and the physicians herein employed will guarantee a smooth transaction and experience as well as a completely legal Colorado medical marijuana card.

Aspen Celebrates Legitimate Growers

Todd Davis - Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The first Western Slope Cannabis Crown will be held in Aspen this April celebrating the legitimacy of medicinal marijuana in Colorado. Over fifty growers are expected to enter strains of Colorado marijuana into the contest. Samples will be judged on THC levels as well as aesthetic properties such as flavor. Alternate forms of medical marijuana, such as edibles, will be entered as well. Samples will only be provided to Colorado medicinal marijuana card holders, of course. Cannabis fairs such as this are not an excuse to abuse the law, according to city officials and fair organizers. Instead, it is simply a way of sharing product, giving patients new options, and perhaps opening the minds of skeptics to the benefits of Colorado medical marijuana. A similar cannabis convention was recently proposed and denied in the town of Nederland. Nevertheless, this could be another example of Colorado medical marijuana slowly becoming accepted by the public.

Decriminalization Gaining Ground

Todd Davis - Saturday, January 23, 2010
Currently, Colorado medical marijuana law prohibits possession of cannabis on a state level.  However, cities such as Breckenridge have already passed city laws that have legalized possession even for people who do not have a Colorado medical marijuana card. Other cities such as Aspen, Leadville, and Nederland are proposing similar decriminalization laws. Even though possession of Medical marijuana in Colorado will remain illegal to the state, there is a noticeable relaxation among the public when it comes to Colorado medicinal marijuana.  Although the subject remains controversial, it is certainly no longer taboo.  Decriminalizing laws are another example of Colorado marijuana becoming more accepted among the public. Perhaps these new laws will open the door for common acceptance of medical marijuana in Colorado for both the public and lawmakers.

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