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Colorado Medical Marijuana Becoming Popular Illegal Commodity In Other States

Staff CMM - Tuesday, September 04, 2012
The Colorado medical marijuana industry has experienced such a boom during the last few years that many dispensaries, patients and caregivers are finding themselves with a surplus of marijuana. This surplus has admittedly been a problem according to Colorado Drug Enforcement officials. Maintaining a handle on this surplus can prove to be a daunting task. Much of this surplus – in fact, most of it, is never reported and a great deal of it is now finding its way out of Colorado and into other states as the sources of this surplus seek to gain a profit from it. Law officials are finding themselves overwhelmed with arrests that result in illegal marijuana and sometimes other illegal drugs and weapons as well. While law officials are hard pressed to keep a handhold on an industry they believe is running rampant, industry supporters still maintain the validity, claiming medical marijuana to be one of the most highly regulated industries in the state.

Octogenarian Takes Colorado Medical Marijuana Possession To The Extreme

Staff CMM - Friday, August 31, 2012
With medical marijuana in Colorado being made legal, many have been able to find relief from various maladies such as cancer, HIV, MS and so on. There is, however, another more ‘seedy’ side to the business that has recently begun to show itself more prominently. As with anything, moderation generally tends to be the key, but there will always be those few who take things to the extreme. A recently example is an 87-year-old man from Denver who was arrested for growing more than 400 marijuana plants in his backyard. The state allows medical marijuana patients or their caregivers to have six plans for medical use. The Denver man was charged for a number of felonies, including possession with intent to distribute. Charges against the man also allege the Denver man possessed tools and materials indicative of distribution. With the legality of medical marijuana constantly changing and growing, the state can only expect to see more cases like this come out of the woodwork.

State And Federal Offices Clashing On Colorado Medical Marijuana Law

Staff CMM - Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Conflicts between state and federal offices have been spurred on by the recent distribution of letters from the U.S. Attorney’s office to medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado demanding that all dispensaries closer than 1,000 feet of school properties must be closed within 45 days or face prosecution. Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett has sent the U.S. District Attorney John Walsh a letter this month urging him to back away from enforcement issues against Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries, although the specific reasoning for the letter was not disclosed. Walsh responded by stating that enforcing federal laws to protect children from drug abuse is a core responsibility for his office and will remain so, as enforcing federal laws against selling marijuana near schools is a legitimate use of his office’s resources.  Although Colorado law allows limited usage of marijuana for various medical reasons, marijuana is still considered an illegal drug under federal laws.

Peace Pipe

Todd Davis - Monday, June 21, 2010

So much anger, volatility and controversy directed towards a simple and innocent entity. Illegality is a function of society, not morality (though the two are often intertwined). Somehow, opponents of Cannabis in Colorado believe that public acceptance of the herb is a sign of the degradation of society that will lead to crime, lawlessness and uncontrollable drug addiction. Arguably, one of the most peaceful societies in existence used marijuana regularly: Native Americans. American Indians were known for their acceptance of natural drugs and used them for both ceremony and enlightenment. Ironic that their culture was over taken by overzealous puritans. This is not to say that Native Americans were bereft of conflict; intra tribal fights were common. However, this culture was more in tune with nature and their surrounding environment. Modern society seems perfectly willing to trade in intuitiveness for the latest smart phone. Modern society is completely addicted to the internet and technology at large. One could argue that technology is responsible for many crimes and deaths. For example, texting while driving is practically an epidemic. Social networking has taken place of communication. Perhaps the decadence of society is uglier than the legalization of a naturally perennial plant. Perhaps those on their soapbox waxing the dangers of marijuana should take into consideration the accepted dangers of modern society and technology. Perhaps we, as a society, should step back and listen to nature instead of cultivating propaganda.

Legitimate Medical Marijuana Growers Stil Facing some Tough Issues

Todd Davis - Wednesday, November 11, 2009


There is a bounty of problems facing today’s Colorado medical marijuana growers, but the main problem tends to be focused around caregiver rules and regulations. other isssues include legitimization and legalization. Although many growers follow state laws very closely, there are still those who use the cover of state laws to fund their own private marijuana growing and selling operations. States such as Colorado and California have strict state requirements for those who grow the substance for medical use, but even with these strict guidelines in place, there are still individuals who find their way around the rules. Locating these individuals from among the many legitimate growers is a full time job for law enforcement agents operating on both state and federal levels. Although medical marijuana is still considered illegal on a federal level, states such as Colorado allow patients to use the drug for medicinal use as recommended by a physician for physical and mental ailments. In the state of California last year, law enforcement officials pulled up 364,000 plants grown strictly for sale on the black market. However, officials did state that over 154 growers were left intact who were following the guidelines for medical use. The general consensus among people in the medicalmarijuana industry is that legitimate growers make Business more difficult and less profitable for the drug cartels south of the border.

Colorado Marijuana Legalization Could Lower Black Market Sales

Todd Davis - Thursday, September 17, 2009

Medical marijuana in Colorado is currently legal, made so by a voter-approved amendment to the state constitution. However, there are some who claim that the overall legalization of the drug could benefit the state in more ways that one. The biggest benefit is said to come in the form of lowering black market sales, most specifically to teens, by making marijuana more easily accessible. One theory is that by making the drug available, teens will not be pressed to seek out black market buying options, which tend to lead to the purchase of harder drugs such as cocaine.

In the Netherlands, marijuana was made available in coffee shops, lowering the tendency for teens to gravitate toward cocaine to one in one thousand. The rate among U.S. teens gravitating from marijuana to cocaine at the time of the study was 1.7%, more than five times as prevalent. This statistic is enough to give marijuana legalization further consideration.

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