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    Deciding On a Medical Marijuana Caregiver In Colorado 

As a patient goes about the process of becoming a medical marijuana patient in Colorado, the question may inevitably arise as to wither it would be a wise move to select a caregiver or not. If the patient is able to manage their own care, they may elect to handle things themselves. However, for those indigent patients who feel they will need to rely on someone else for care, choosing a caregiver would be the next appropriate step.

When going about the selection process for choosing a medical marijuana caregiver in Colorado, patients should first be sure their caregiver is 18 years of age or older and the caregiver must be able to provide significant responsibility for managing the well-being of a patient who has a debilitating medical condition. The person selected as caregiver may not be the patient’s physician.

The general responsibilities of a caregiver are to manage the well-being of the patient who has a debilitating condition. The relationship between the patient and the caregiver must be more than simply providing medical marijuana or medical marijuana paraphernalia. If the patient does not require any other services beyond these things, the patient will not be allowed to designate a caregiver for themselves.

A caregiver must be able to provide the patient with transportation, housekeeping services, meal preparation, shopping and arranging access to and from medical appointments and medical care unrelated to medical marijuana. A caregiver may not delegate responsibility for medical marijuana to any other person.

When a patient is filling out the initial application, the caregiver must be designated in order to be given the proper consideration. If a patient chooses to select a caregiver after becoming a state-licensed patient, the patient must submit a change of address or caregiver form to the Health Department’s medical marijuana registry.

Once a caregiver has been approved by the health department, the patient’s caregiver is then able to manufacture or possess medical marijuana in order to provide that medicine to the patient.

Once this process has been approved by the state, both the caregiver and the patient are protected from state and local prosecution for possession and/or cultivation of medical marijuana that is used for medical purposes as long as the patient and/or caregiver are following the set state guidelines and regulations pertaining to amounts and types of plants. A medical marijuana patient who is listed on the state registry may grow up to six plans themselves or have a caregiver grow up to six plants for them.

An important item to note is that caregivers may not transport medical marijuana for their patients unless the patient is completely homebound or under the age of 18 and the caregiver must have a copy of the patient’s Colorado medical marijuana card at all times when in possession of any quantity of medical marijuana in the event that they are questioned by a law official.

Knowing these guidelines and doing some research on the Colorado Department of Public Health website will assist potential medical marijuana patients in making a more informed and careful selection regarding the proper caregiver who will be able to best serve them in their medical management.

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