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Colorado Medical Marijuana Doctors

At Colorado Medical Marijuana finding a medical marijuana doctor in Colorado is as easy as 123.
  1. Gather your past medical records, the more recent the better. Medical Marijuana Doctors Talking to a Lady About A  Marijuana Card
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Our company’s core business is getting patients registered with the state medical marijuana program by referring patients to intelligent and open minded doctors specializing in medical marijuana. The process to see the doctor and apply for your medical marijuana card is painless and it takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. When you leave our offices you will have everything you need to get you on your way to purchasing medicine at the medical marijuana dispensaries.

We have medical marijuana doctors or more appropriately physicians that specialize in medical marijuana in Denver, Boulder, Lonetree / Littleton and Loveland. Find out why more Coloradans choose Colorado Medical Marijuana LLC

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Choosing a Colorado Medical Marijuana Doctor

Seeking out an adequate Colorado medical marijuana doctor may prove to be an arduous task, to say the least. Not all doctors will recommend medical marijuana to their patients, and of the ones who do, it is important to be sure that all rules and regulations are being properly followed or the patient who is seeking to follow a medical marijuana treatment plan may find their process hampered unnecessarily.

One of the first things a patient should do is familiarize themselves with local state and federal medical marijuana laws. A patient armed with the proper knowledge will save much time and headache rather than jumping in without an adequate medical marijuana education.

When seeking out a physician who can recommend medical marijuana to a patient, the first step to take should be for the patient to talk to their own physician. Since most state laws protect physicians from punishment for recommending medical marijuana, most doctors should be willing and able to discuss any medical marijuana requests from a patient. If a physician is not comfortable recommending medical marijuana, he or she may be able to refer the patient to another physician or a medical marijuana specialist. Most patients may want to bring any research they have to support the reasons for their request, as well as any proof, if available, of the effect medical marijuana use has had in relation to the relief of the symptoms of the patient’s condition. Any recommendations made to a patient by a physician should also be in writing. When applying for a Colorado medical marijuana card, the state will require a copy of their recommendation.

One of the safest and most effective ways for a patient who is seeking medical marijuana treatment to find a doctor who will recommend medical marijuana is through referrals from other patients or doctors. Once a doctor or medical marijuana specialist has been located, it will be the responsibility of the patient to make the most out of their appointment time. A patient should come well prepared with any prior medical records, including any written referrals the patient may possess. Patients should be ready to concisely describe their symptoms and what they believe the use of medical marijuana will do to provide relief of those symptoms. Be prepared to ask questions regarding medical marijuana use, including whether it will be necessary to hire a medical marijuana caregiver. Understand, however, that getting an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor will not automatically mean the patient will be given a recommendation. Be prepared to ask for another referral if your first attempt is unsuccessful.

Most qualifying conditions such as glaucoma, fibromyalgia, MS, AIDS or cancer should be adequate reason for a doctor to recommend medical marijuana. Many common issues patients who are seeking medical marijuana treatment are suffering from include insomnia, chronic pain, nausea and decreased appetite. Cancer patients undergoing intensive chemotherapy treatment find the use of medical marijuana to provide a great deal of relief from the side effects caused by the radiation. Patients suffering from arthritis, convulsions and inflammation find the use of cannabis to provide pain relief that could otherwise not be found through the use of a traditional drug treatment program.

Most doctors who are aware of their patient’s chronic conditions should be more than willing to discuss an alternative treatment plan using medical marijuana. Discussing this option openly with a doctor may open the door to pain relief that could otherwise not have been found. If a patient is unable to communicate with their current doctor or is unable to locate a good medical marijuana doctor through referrals, there are many website available where Colorado medical marijuana doctors can be located.

It is important to do the proper research first, but once a good medical marijuana doctor has been found and a recommendation has been made, patients may look forward to relief from chronic symptoms that the use of medical marijuana can adequately provide.

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