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Medical Marijuana Registry Frequently Asked Questions

Can you refer me to a doctor?
Yes, referring potential patients for the registry to open minded and highly educated doctor’s is our core business. We can get you in front of a doctor that specializes in and has knowledge of the benefits of medical marijuana.

Where do I get the seeds or plants to start growing medical marijuana?
Are there clubs or organizations that help patients to grow or acquire their medicine?

At Colorado Medical Marijuana LLC we have compiled free listings of the various caregivers and dispensaries operating in Colorado. Many of these dispensaries act as clubs and organizations dispensing seeds and medical marijuana clones and growing advice.

Where can I legally use my medicine?
No patient shall: Engage in the medical use of marijuana in a way that endangers the health or well-being of any person; or engage in the medical use of marijuana in plain view of, or in a place open to, the general public. Law enforcement has informed the Medical Marijuana Registry of the following: Any place outside of the patient’s home is considered public. “In plain view” also includes the patient’s yard or garage if that patient can be seen using their medicine by neighbors.

Why can’t I go to a pharmacy to fill a prescription for medical marijuana?
Pharmacies can only dispense medications that are prescribed. Marijuana is currently classified by the federal government as a Schedule I drug, which means it cannot be prescribed by any health care professional. Amendment 20 allows doctors to recommend marijuana, and it allows patients to grow their own medical marijuana for their private use.

How is my confidentiality protected?
Your confidentiality is protected by law and by the procedures used by the registry. No lists of marijuana doctors, patients of caregivers are given out to anyone. Local law enforcement may only contact the registry to verify the information on a specific identification card. The registry database resides on a stand-alone computer and is password protected and encrypted. The office and all of its contents are locked at night when the registry administrator is out of the office.

How does my card protect me?
Your registry ID card can be used to identify yourself as a medical marijuana patient registered with the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry. Local law enforcement may only contact the registry to verify the information on a specific identification card.

What if I move or my caregiver moves? What if I want to change my caregiver?
At (CMM) our staff is prepared to walk you through caregiver change and or caregiver change of address forms and procedures. Please see the amendment 20, safe usage tips section on our website and the section below for more detailed information. When there has been a change in the name, address, physician, or primary caregiver of a patient who has qualified for a registry identification card, that patient must notify the registry of any such change within ten days.

A patient who has not designated a primary caregiver at the time of application may do so in writing at any time during the effective period of the registry identification card, and the primary caregiver may act in this capacity after such designation. Can I use my Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry Identification Card in another state? At this time, there are no “reciprocity” agreements with other states to recognize the Colorado law except in Montana and Rhode Island.

I am a registered patient in another state? Do I have any legal right to use my medicine while visiting Colorado?
No, Colorado’s law does not recognize patients registered in other states.

Does Colorado Medical Marijuana LLC give free legal advice?
At (CMM) We do not give legal advice but the attorneys we work with do give Colorado medical marijuana legal advice. If you are opening your own dispensary or you are planning on growing for yourself and or another registered patient then contact us. Our staff at (CMM) can get you a referral and an appointment with a well practiced and knowledgeable medical marijuana attorney practicing in Colorado.

How long is my medical marijuana ID card valid for?

The card is valid for one year from the time the Colorado Department of Public Health and environment approves it. The ID card is mailed out after approval.
How long is my signed physician form valid for?
60 Days. Applicants have 60 days to send in their signed physician form, application form and a copy of a valid state ID. All applications containing a doctor signature over 60 days old will be returned to sender.

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